All I Need

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All I Need
I,I,wanna love ya
I,I wanna love ya

Baby every since i found you seem's like
Every day i been happy,said the way that you love me
Turns me out,baby i can't feel my heart beat
Seem's like lately i been thinkin' feelin,that you are everything
Seem's like more,and more i'm hopin that you,will be all i need..all i need

All i need, all i need, all i need, is you
Baby you're everything , everything, everything, did you
know that you're
All i need, all i need,all i need, is you
Baby you're everything, everything, everything that's you

Baby it's the way you do me,keepin me, straight up strung out on ya lovin'
Baby it is so amazin', never dreamed i'd be cravin' to be open
Never knew love could be alive,swear i always thought it was a joke and.
I didn't know when I would realize, real love, now baby im hopin'..that you..

Stay right here with me
Give me all, give me all
All the love i need
Baby you're all...all i need


I don't want nobody but you
I don't need nobody but you
Said i dont want nobody but you
Cuz i don't love nobody but you

I,I,wanna love ya(yes i do)
I,I wanna love ya(can i love you)
I,I wanna love ya
I,I wanna love ya


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